Stone Leaf Studios Joins BizSpark Programme!


You’re probably thinking: What the heck is this?

The answer is, in short, the most amazing thing that can happen to a startup indie game developer. BizSpark is sort of like winning the lottery. As a member you get access to every single piece of software Microsoft has ever made, for free, for 2 or more years!.

While that is totally awesome in its own sense, the best part for me was simply being accepted into the programme because it means I have built Stone Leaf Studios up to a certain quality milestone that was worthy.

Visual Studio 2013 pro/ultimate is my most needed piece of development software at this stage though, since I’ve been juggling with a Student edition of 2012 professional and the various different versions of Express for the last 2 years. They have served me well, and I thank Microsoft for providing such amazing tools for free, to everyone. They really do make a difference.

I’d also like to humbly thank everyone who has played my first and only two released games so far on Windows Phone (Physworks and Fizz Filler). Without you, I would never have kept going this long. Knowing there are people out there that like to play the games I make drives me to create even better games! 🙂