Fizz Filler – Update 1.3

Its been a while since the last true update to Fizz Filler but here I am again with another update, this time which some juicy new content too!

The biggest addition in this update, is Hard Mode. Unlike the standard game-mode you’re used to, you start with just a single conveyor and must buy the other 2 conveyors to start producing drinks from them. Is that all, you ask? No. Not only do you have to buy the next 2 conveyors, you also have to upgrade them all separately too!

Hard ModeHard Mode Gameplay

Each conveyor is now numbered, making it easier to identify which conveyor you’re upgrading in the shop.

Hard Mode Shop

The shop has also had a small make-over for hard mode. You’ll now see 3 tabs at the bottom, each corresponding to a conveyor. The conveyors you haven’t bought yet won’t be enabled in the shop, but once you do, you’re free to upgrade them as you would in the original game-mode.

For those of you interested in the raw 1.3 change list, here it is:

  • Added Hard Mode
  • Added new artwork for fusion upgrade
  • A faster and more robust save format
  • Conveyors are now numbered
  • Event messages now pause the game correctly
  • Fixed positioning of tabs on help menu
  • Resetting now returns you to the main menu
  • Updated how to play instructions
  • Fixed incorrect display of time played on ticker

Between 1.1 and 1.3 there has been numerous patches and fixes to game to hopefully make it a smoother experience for all in general. If you’re interested in what was fixed or changed during this period, head over to the Fizz Filler changelog and check out the changes!

Last but not least, you’re probably wondering what comes next. Well, without spoiling too much of the surprise, its going to be one of the following:

  • Achievements
  • One-time improvements (sort of like upgrades, but one off, and a lot of them)
  • More upgrades
  • Score/Leader-boards

If you’ve not tried Fizz Filler yet, you can grab it from the Windows Phone 8 Store, completely free of charge! 🙂