Fizz Filler Update 1.1

So it finally happened, the first true update to Fizz Filler. this brings a few, small new features to the table.

The first is optional endings. Currently these don’t really serve much of a purpose besides giving you a cue to aim higher or take a break (dumb, i know). In the near future however, these will be the way you submit a score. Think of them as checkpoints. The first one happens once you’ve accumulated 1 million coins, but there are a few more for the higher amounts of coin you might earn.

I won’t go into much detail about it right now. Anyway, changelog ahoy:

  • Fixed coins not being cleared after resetting the game
  • Added progress events to the game
  • Fixed shop scrolling not keeping up with drag gesture
  • Current coin count now displayed on main menu
  • Fixed game not saving progress when minimized / deactivated
  • Fixed reset count in statistics not saving correctly
  • Fixed help menu titles being cut off along the top
  • Enabled Brazilian market

You can also get the full changelog of past updates Here.

In my spare time I’ve also been tweaking and improving the website here and there, so if you spot anything different, that will be why. 🙂

As always, have fun!