Something is on the way!

I heard it was called the 1.4 update for Physworks, or maybe I’m hearing things. 😛

You might remember it being mentioned a while ago that the 1.4 update will only be available to WP8 users. This is still true, due to the nature of MonoGame, the framework Physworks has been updated to. It does bring a lot of juicy changes to the game though, some of which have been requested a lot in the past.

1.4 Changelog:

  • Upgraded game to fully support Windows Phone 8
  • Removed bloom effect from game to make way for better things
  • Removed adverts from trial version
  • Wire objects can now connect directly to each other, without wires
  • Optimizations to the wiring system
  • New title screen music
  • Fixed incorrect wire inputs for 7-segment display
  • Spawn cost of 7-segment increased from 60 to 65
  • Fixed wire tutorial not showing after selecting certain wire objects
  • Fixed missing text next to new goal button in goal editor
  • Updated texture and icon for tire
  • Mini-map size is now saved when minimizing/restoring the game
  • Reduced volume of the square, sawtooth and sine SFX for sound emitter
  • Default volume of sound emitters reduced from 100 to 50
  • Improved start-up/launch time of game
  • Fix for rare eternal loading bug on start-up

Wire objects can now be connected directly to each other!

There is also a small patch (1.3.8) for WP7 users on the way to fix a few nasty bugs which a few of you have reported:

  • Fixed retry option not resetting inventory… This time
  • Fixed rare bug where two game screens would draw over each other
  • Fixed bug where chapter levels would sometimes overwrite custom levels

The fixes in the patch are also included with 1.4 for the new WP8 game update, so don’t fret!

As always, keep Physworking!