Bugs & Fixes

I’ve just submitted a small update (1.3.3) to Microsoft which fixes a few annoying bugs, along with a bug I hope nobody has ran into yet. Custom levels saved in versions of the game after 1.3.0 will most likely be saved corrupt. If you can, avoid creating or saving any new custom levels until after you have 1.3.3, since I can’t guarantee any will load correctly unless they were saved in or before 1.3.0.

Anyway, the changelog:

  • Fixed destroyed, static objects still drawing on the minimap
  • Fixed several objects not being drawn correctly on the minimap
  • Fixed editor levels not saving when exiting game from pause menu
  • Fixed fan blades not mounting to stepper-motors
  • Fix for all post 1.3.0 levels saving incorrectly/corrupt

ETA: 3 days – unless someone at Microsoft has been drinking a few cans of monster/red bull. 😛