Update Incoming!

It seems like ages since the last real update to Physworks (almost a month!), but 1.3 is finally out of the door and on its way to your warm, fuzzy Win Phones. This update is more of an optimization and fix-it update, but it does include an overhauled minimap and the long-awaited level editor.

The new editor tools and minimap.

The new editor tools and minimap.

Some of the editor features are intended for use with the level sharing, which will come in a later update, so things like inventory editing won’t be much use until you can actually publish your levels, but its there none-the-less. Consider it a preparation/testing opportunity. 🙂

1.3 changelog:

  • New, optimized UI system
  • New minimap
  • Added sliders to some configurable object properties
  • Added localization support
  • Added Danish localization
  • Added setting to auto-hide inventory when moving view
  • Minimap can now be resized with 2 fingers
  • Fixed minimap not showing large objects correctly
  • Fixed config tool not showing warning tiles correctly
  • Fixed restoring the game sometimes displaying a blank screen
  • Fixed jitter when scrolling inventory bar
  • Fixed inventory scrollbar sometimes getting stuck
  • Sandbox mode has been converted into a full editor -sharing to come later
  • Multi-gesture input handling (do more than 1 thing at once)
  • Wire gate chip names have been reworded for easier reading
  • Locked inventory items are now also grayed out
  • Optimization – Bloom no longer tries to draw when turned off
  • Optimization – Greatly reduced physics lag involving lots of objects
  • Optimization – Expired sound effects are now cleared correctly
  • Moved count-down timer to above the minimap
  • Increased size of count-down timer font
  • Trial version is now ad-supported
  • Objects with no category are auto-added into the misc. category
  • Smallest custom level size now available in trial mode
  • Reworked tutorial (again)

ETA: whenever Microsoft certifies the update.