Level Editor and Sharing

Based on how long its took me so far to get 1.3 finished (still working on that) I’ve decided to move the level sharing stuff to 1.4. The reason for this is that there is several things I’ll need to test which I didn’t consider previously when sharing levels, such as, what happens if someone on a phone with super-high-end phone decides to make a massive level, and shares it with a their friend who has a low-end phone? bad things.

I’d rather not release a half-baked, buggy feature, hence the decision to move sharing to 1.4. 🙁

However, the new level editor that will replace sandbox mode, will be coming in 1.3 as promised.

To reiterate on compatibility from a previous post, your current sandbox levels will work in the new editor. You’ll be able to load them up and use all of the new editor features on them just fine.

I’d give an ETA on 1.3, but as you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m useless with them. Its done when its done!

ETA: maybe 2 weeks