Another Update :(

Another update right after 1.2.1 was released?!

Well, nothing went wrong, but I found a few more things to fix after I had already submitted 1.2.1 to Microsoft, so it was too late for me to stop it. Also, for some reason the update system stripped the patch notes of new line characters, so the description and patch notes have been blended together into one huge brick of text on the WP store *shakes fist*.

A couple of changes coming in 1.2.2 it should put a smile on a few Russian player faces, since Russian characters/letters are now supported. Using unsupported characters in sandbox names from this point forward will just replace them with a ‘?’ instead. Its not a pretty sight, but at least your game won’t randomly crash anymore from this. Over time, I’ll be adding more supported languages and localization support, but I’ll save that topic for another time.

Lastly, the 1.2.2 patch notes:

  • News feed will no longer crash the game if it can’t finish downloading
  • Fixed crash when entering any unsupported characters in sandbox names
  • Added support for Russian characters/letters in sandbox names
  • Notification dialog tweaked to be easier to read

It should be out either Friday, or early next week, depending on the guys at Microsoft. 🙂