What I’ve been up to

It’s been a while since my first (and last) post. Since then I’ve mostly been busy with university coursework and working on my own XNA based game engine I’m hoping to make use of finally over summer. I have been working on a card game where you pick two cards and if they match you score a point. If they don’t, they are flipped back over for you to try again. The game itself is already playable and has a basic menu system in place. This is mainly to test the engine as I’m working on it, but I might release the game on Xbox LIVE Inide Games if I can polish it up sometime.

After that, I’m going to look into fixing up the site here as a home for any of the games and licence the the engine to indie developers (like me) for a nice price. So far its compatible with Xbox and PC, but obviously it can be taken as far as Windows Phone 7 and Zune.

I’ll post a few shots and maybe a tech demo showing off a few of the engines features once I think it has reached the “shiny but not polished” stage. 🙂