Month: April 2013

1.2.3 Patch

A fix for the random crashes caused by the news feed (again) is now up on the Windows Phone store. If anything goes wrong with it (e.g. it can’t finish downloading news feed data), it’ll just hide itself away instead.

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Level Editor and Sharing

Based on how long its took me so far to get 1.3 finished (still working on that) I’ve decided to move the level sharing stuff to 1.4. The reason for this is that there is several things I’ll need to

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New Minimap

We’re still along the Update 1.3 road. Along the way I found this little fellow: Its resizable by dragging it with 2 fingers, but I wasn’t able to get a screenshot of it in the WP7 emulator, thanks to it

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Progress Update

Its been over a week since I last posted any news on Physworks, so now is as good a time as any. Currently, I’m in the process of converting all of the game’s user interface over to the new UI

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