Year: 2013

Physworks 1.4 – Now Available

What are you waiting for, get updating! Or if you haven’t tried the game yet, grab yourself the trial for free, or the full game for just $0.99!

Something is on the way!

I heard it was called the 1.4 update for Physworks, or maybe I’m hearing things. 😛 You might remember it being mentioned a while ago that the 1.4 update will only be available to WP8 users. This is still true,

A small fix

I’ve just pushed a small update to the WP marketplace to fix fan blades not rotating correctly when they’re mounted. 1.4 is also in the works, which will be the result of Physworks being rebuilt under  the MonoGame framework. Unfortunately,

A New Home

Its been a long time in the making but we’re officially known as Stone Leaf Studios from now on (like that wasn’t obvious from the title).  It’ll take a few days to get Physworks updated with the changes to show

Physworks 1.3.4 – Finally

Its been a while since I’ve touched Physworks’ source code in any way, but I’ve finally gotten around to fixing a few more nasty bugs, one of which was reported in the app reviews page by a kind Russian (thank

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Bugs & Fixes

I’ve just submitted a small update (1.3.3) to Microsoft which fixes a few annoying bugs, along with a bug I hope nobody has ran into yet. Custom levels saved in versions of the game after 1.3.0 will most likely be

Update Incoming!

It seems like ages since the last real update to Physworks (almost a month!), but 1.3 is finally out of the door and on its way to your warm, fuzzy Win Phones. This update is more of an optimization and

1.2.3 Patch

A fix for the random crashes caused by the news feed (again) is now up on the Windows Phone store. If anything goes wrong with it (e.g. it can’t finish downloading news feed data), it’ll just hide itself away instead.

Level Editor and Sharing

Based on how long its took me so far to get 1.3 finished (still working on that) I’ve decided to move the level sharing stuff to 1.4. The reason for this is that there is several things I’ll need to

New Minimap

We’re still along the Update 1.3 road. Along the way I found this little fellow: Its resizable by dragging it with 2 fingers, but I wasn’t able to get a screenshot of it in the WP7 emulator, thanks to it