Year: 2012

Physworks Status

Since the DreamBuildPlay competition ending over a month ago I’ve been continuing work on Physworks. Several parts of the game have been rewritten and improved in some way or another as well as over 100 bugs removed. A few things

Physworks & DreamBuildPlay!

A few hours ago, Physworks was submitted to DBP for approval. This being the first development competition I’ve entered, I’m excited to see who wins and generally to see all of the games people have created. Heres the trailer to


You may remember me mentioning a few weeks ago about my DreamBuildPlay 2012 entry. That entry was a Windows Phone 7 game called Physworks, which I’ve been working on since the start of January. With the submission deadline approaching fast,

DreamBuildPlay 2012

You might remember me entering the DreamBuildPlay competition last year. Well, that failed. I managed my time badly and never got any kind of playable game working that I could enter into it. This year however, is different. I have