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Stone Leaf Studios Joins BizSpark Programme!

You’re probably thinking: What the heck is this? The answer is, in short, the most amazing thing that can happen to a startup indie game developer. BizSpark is sort of like winning the lottery. As a member you get access

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Things, Things and more things

What has been happening you ask? Well, over the past month I’ve finished most of the work needed on the back-end scoreboard, news-feed, change-log manager and some other fancy boring stuff that will help make my games better in the

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Physworks 1.3.4 – Finally

Its been a while since I’ve touched Physworks’ source code in any way, but I’ve finally gotten around to fixing a few more nasty bugs, one of which was reported in the app reviews page by a kind Russian (thank

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Bugs & Fixes

I’ve just submitted a small update (1.3.3) to Microsoft which fixes a few annoying bugs, along with a bug I hope nobody has ran into yet. Custom levels saved in versions of the game after 1.3.0 will most likely be

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Update Incoming!

It seems like ages since the last real update to Physworks (almost a month!), but 1.3 is finally out of the door and on its way to your warm, fuzzy Win Phones. This update is more of an optimization and

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Level Editor and Sharing

Based on how long its took me so far to get 1.3 finished (still working on that) I’ve decided to move the level sharing stuff to 1.4. The reason for this is that there is several things I’ll need to

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Physworks 1.2.2

Alrighty, this update is out of the door and available on the store. Now your probably wondering what is next. Well, quite a few things. Three of which you can expect to see in the 1.3 update. Firstly, an overhaul

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Pics or it didn’t happen!

I’ve added a bunch of new screenshots for Physworks to the gallery, for those who like pretty pictures. Here they are anyway:

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Physworks 1.2.0

The update has gone live on the Windows Phone Store for both WP7 and 8. You can find a complete list of changes here. I’ve also, dropped the price of the game from £1.49 to £1.29 ($1.49 with Microsoft’s strange

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Final Testing & Improvements

I’m testing the last of the new levels to make sure they’re actually completable, but I’ve also managed to improve the stability of object collisions/physics too. The unexpected side effect of this improvement is that the game also takes slightly

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