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Porting Fizz Filler to Android

Fizz Filler. Some Windows Phone users will remember this game as far back as 2014. So what happened? At the time I developed the game, it didn’t seem to be going anywhere after about 3 months of updates, so I

A Multithreaded Game Engine

Multithreading. The answer to a common problem with sizable games/engines: Being able to keep up with the huge amounts of processing that has to be performed in a modern game. Or is it really the answer? Depending on the scale

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Unity and Lua

Since the last development report, progress has slowed down a little. This is going to be a long post, so I’ll start with some screenshots of what progress was actually made!

Voxels, Ships and Doorways

Its been too long since I last made a post! Basically, I’ve been building on what I showed previously without any real planning or designing, except for a few random drawings of UI layouts. I’ve decided to roll with a

Unity Shenanigans

Ever since giving unity a try a few weeks ago, I’ve started trying out an idea I’ve always wanted to see happen in a game. Its far too early for me to say anything remotely solid (or even liquid!) about

Lag Bugs and Windows Phone 7

This is a bit of a techy post so if you’re not into the geeky codey stuff, skip over it!. 🙂 For the last few days I’ve been working on the WP7 version of Fizz Filler. All was going fine,

Fizz Filler – Update 1.3

Its been a while since the last true update to Fizz Filler but here I am again with another update, this time which some juicy new content too! The biggest addition in this update, is Hard Mode. Unlike the standard

Fizz Filler Update 1.1

So it finally happened, the first true update to Fizz Filler. this brings a few, small new features to the table. The first is optional endings. Currently these don’t really serve much of a purpose besides giving you a cue

Minor launch issues

The release of Fizz Filler has gone quite well, all things considered. However, it hasn’t been bug-free! Firstly, a small update (v1.0.1) has been pushed to the store to fix a couple of bugs: All coins are lost if you

Fizz Filler – Now Available on Windows Phone 8

It took just over 1 month to make and lots of hard work, but the day has finally come to release my second mobile game, Fizz Filler! The objective of the game is simple, fill as many drinks as you